SCP is an emerging solar based manufacture company.  We offer a variety of solar products with the purpose of giving our consumers the convenience of a solar powered charger.  SCP is devoted to changing the way people charge their devices.

SCP's mission statement is to provide a sustainable and convenient form of energy on the go.

What we envision is a world where mobile devices never die.


 Our Team


Keyla Romero


Jaky Maldonado


Giovanna Garcia


Esperanza Saucedo



Denzel Secreto

Sales Director

Grace Fowler

Marketing Director

Sky Villaneda

Sales Specialist

Litzy Sanchez

Advertising Specialist

Alize Province

Sales Specialist

Zandrea Araneta

Advertising Specialist

Public Relations

Michelle Prieto 

PR Director

Kayla Radford

PR Assistant

Kaleb Seabrooks

Design Specialist

Human Resources/Finance and Accounting 

Illiana Osuna

HR Director

Alissa Orozco

HR Assistant

Moses Garcia

Accounts Payable

Ashley Gomez

Accounts Receivable

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